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The exhibition, Earth’s enduring gifts, hosted at the Teloglion Foundation, attempts to promote Greek nature and biodiversity as a timeless source of inspiration and resources for the welfare of man and the development of social life, culture, economy and science. The visitor to the exhibition will follow a path through space and time starting in the Aegean and the prehistoric Thera, stopping over on the Greek mainland and ancient Macedonia and finally choosing the present as the terminal station. The wider area of the Aegean civilizations that flourished in the region is not only an important piece of the natural and cultural mosaic of the Mediterranean in general, but is also a miniature of all its features: small in size and almost closed in shape, friendly towards man, a mild climate with stable weather conditions, a passage and crossroads for peoples, a long human presence and a rich diversity of cultures. Ancient vessels for lighting, grooming, storage, transportation, cooking and consumption of food and drinks are displayed next to artistic depictions of plants, fruits and animals, revealing the transformation of “earth’s enduring gifts”, albeit simple, yet valuable, from means of survival to high aspects of social life and artistic expression.

18.05.15 – 15.11.15
159A Agiou Dimitriou St.
Tue-Thu-Fri 18:00-21:00 / Wed 10:00-13:00 &
18:00-21:00 / Sat-Sun 11:00-14:00
Monday closed
Τ: +30 2310 247111, 2310 991610

Curators: Panagiotis Kourniakos, Christina Tsagkalia
Artistic curator: Anastassia Stamati
Co-organization: Teloglion Foundation of Art AUTH, Museum of Royal Tombs of Aigai, Archaeological Museum of Veria, Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) of the Centre of Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Archaeological Museum of Pella, Museum of Casts and Antiquities AUTH, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Wine Museum Gerovassiliou, Loulis Museum, Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of CERTH